Consisting almost entirely of new essays specially prepared for this volume, Feminist Interpretations of Hannah Arendt illuminates the diversity of contemporary feminisms while also generating new and suggestive readings of Hannah Arendt's political thought. The contributing authors' shared interest in Arendt provides a ground upon which to work out their disagreements regarding feminist theory and practice. At the same time, their shared commitment to some brand of feminism leads them to engage Arendt on an unusually wide array of issues, such as gender, sexuality, the body, politics, friendship, solidarity, identity, nationalism, and revolution.
Creative Commons image via Wikimedia Commons Artist and music producer Brian Eno wrote one of my very favorite books: A Year with Swollen Appendices, which takes the form of his personal diary of the year 1995 with essayistic chapters (the 'swollen appendices') on topics like 'edge culture,' generative music, new ways of singing, pretension, CD-ROMs (a relevant topic back then), and payment structures for recording artists (a relevant topic again today).
 コロナ禍のいま、偶然にも復刊され、爆発的に読まれている作品があります。ジョゼ・サラマーゴ『白の闇』。ポルトガル語作家としては初めてのノーベル文学賞作家となったジョゼ・サラマーゴの代表作です。今年のお正月、古今東西の「名著」を100分で読み解くNHK Eテレの人気番組「100分de名著」のスペシャル